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Darksiderz Shares His Native American Heritage on ‘Ancestors’ EP

Article by: Jessica Duncan

Native American hardstyle producer Darksiderz has been holding it down for the American Hard Dance scene since 2010. He is fresh off playing Ultra Miami and will be returning to the Wasteland next month at EDC Las Vegas. On his latest release, Ancestors, out today on Basscon Records, Darksiderz combines his Native American heritage with his signature industrial hardstyle sound.

The three-track EP kicks off with the title track “Ancestors.” The booming kick is techno-sounding at first, before progressing into a bouncier traditional hardstyle kick. The screeches throughout sound more like screams, maybe another nod to Darksiderz's Native American roots.

Part of the lyrics are spoken in the dying Native American language Washoe, which is the language spoken by the tribe Darksiderz is part of. He has ties to both the Nisenan and Washoe tribes. As one of the only Native American EDM producers, it is awesome to see him showcase his heritage and share it with people who might not have been exposed to this culture previously.

“I’m so excited to be able to put out an EP that represents so many sides of myself,” Darksiderz said. “Not only do I get to touch on my culture and tribal language, which I’m incredibly proud of, but I also get to shine a light on my occult and philosophical interest.”

The next track “Common Feelings” is a collaboration with Korean producer CGK. It is more in line with Darksiderz’s usual style, with an emo influence coming from the guitar riff and live drums. The synth toplines are very euphoric before dropping into a psytrance-inspired bassline. The drop switches up the kick and incorporates distorted rawstyle kicks over screeches. Darksiderz does a great job of seamlessly blending multiple genres and influences into a cohesive track.

“Eternal” featuring Enya Angel is a song that was previously featured on Basscon: Recon Volume 2 last September, which I reviewed for Moon Lvnding. The version on this EP is slightly different in the beginning, but the main structure of the song remains the same.

Stream Ancestors and stay up to date with what Darksiderz has going on using the links below. Be sure to follow Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat Playlist on Spotify to check out the other tracks that dropped today.

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