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David Guetta And Sia Deliver 80s Sounding New Wave “Let’s Love”

Article By: Thomas Taylor

David Guetta and Sia have dominated the pop-dance category with ubiquitous tracks like “Titanium” and “Flame,” for the past six years, and like J-Lo and Pitbull, Jay-Z and Beyonce, or peanut butter and jelly, the pair are slowly cementing their ‘iconic duo status’ with their latest release, “Let’s Love.”

“Let’s Love'' is an extremely fun ride through a nostalgic sound reminiscent of arcades and New Wave. I found the lyrics oddly comforting and David Guetta’s production draws largely from the 80’s synthwave sound that has been in vogue recently (Cobra Kai, anyone?.) The chorus, “we’ll get through it all together / this too shall pass / let’s love” is a much needed anthem at this time in all of our collectively chaotic lives.

Moreover, the song is clean and catchy with a melodic progression and a slow build. A lot of pop-music is considered overwrought, flashy and generally too-much, but that is not the case here. The production does precisely what it needs to, and the lyrics feel simple, but offer a deeper meaning upon repeated listens. A lot of producers try really hard to sound this effortless, and that’s a credit to the skill on display here with this pop-dance track.

I love the minimal beat, the message, and the continual partnership these two great artists have struck. “Let’s Love” is streaming now so connect with David Guetta and Sia below and let us know what you think of the track! And be sure to join us in our Facebook group Our Moon Lvnding!


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