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Deadbeats Halloween: New Mexico

Written by: Adiel Cantu

October 25th is Deadbeats Halloween show in Albuquerque, NM hosted by Relentless Beats, VIVA!, and Crowdsurf. This is the second Halloween show hosted in Albuquerque and I am extremely excited to see what kind of show they are going to put on.

The last Halloween show that was hosted buy them in New Mexico that I attended was in 2017 called Viva La Dead. Bijou, Drezo, 4B, and Diplo played that night. I was with my best friend Denise and it was probably one of the best nights I had in a long time because I was just getting into the rave scene and finally had friends to go out with.

For Halloween that evening, my friend dressed up as Wonder Woman and I was a Pokemon fanatic. This year she is dressing up as a fairy and I'm going as a viking warrior. There’s one thing I will remember from that night I will not forget. I had bought a VIP ticket and my friend was GA. We had walked up to the front where VIP was when Drezo was playing and security was going to let us in but my friend said, "No! I'm just GA. This my lanyard for my keys." I laughed at her and said you almost got into VIP for free! She was so hurt about it afterwards. I wouldn't stop giving her crap about it all night.

So for this years Halloween party all of my friends bought VIP tickets so we can experience the best show and views the whole night. I'm super excited to see Tisoki and Um… because I have not seen them live and honestly I've not listened to any of Tisoki's music before so I'm in for a treat when I hear his music!

I really enjoy listening to new artists to see what they have to offer, because sometimes listening to the same music or song over and over gets a little tiring. Don't get me wrong. I could listen to, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Zeds Dead all day. In fact just saying the title gets the song stuck in my head just like Ghastly's song LSD. Those are probably one of my two favorite songs by them.

I am excited to be immersed in new music and to experience some of the artists I have never experienced in the past! You can get tickets here:

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