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deadmau5 & Lights Create a Mid-Summer Banger With Their Song “When The Summer Dies”

Article by: Greyson Brown

“When The Summer Dies” a new tune by legendary DJ deadmau5 & and talented vocal artist Lights is impossible to get out of your head. The entrancing and harmonic vocals tell a story of a summer fading away while also telling a much deeper story of deceit and numbness to the world around us. We are then met with a phenomenal head-spinning beat that encourages listeners to get up and dance. This song encapsulates the best of vocal techno and compiles it into a song of the summer, bound to get feet moving and hands waving on the dancefloor.

This track is masterfully composed while also being well written & performed; the talent and chemistry deadmau5 & Lights share is impeccable and should serve as a basis for future collaborations between the two artists. “When The Summer Dies” has the ability to transfix listeners into the transitional period between summer & autumn no matter the season; as the track represents a period of change, not only in terms of season but also in my opinion in terms of world phases; as what goes up must come down and what goes down must come up.

This track is in my opinion a sign of the times in terms of changing tides in the world. A signal that what has fallen must rise again, and what has risen must fall again. The world sits in an interesting position as we prepare for seasonal changes and the impact it will have on the pandemic, finances (seasonality), nature, human behavior etc. and we must be aware of our surroundings and “see the colors change”


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