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Decimate Drops Heavy Tentacles EP Via Savage Society Records

Article by: Austin Childers

Rising from the cavernous depths of Los Angeles, CA, Decimate has concocted what is to be the heaviest hitting EP on this week’s release charts, the Tentacles EP. Teaming up with the madmen over at Savage Society Records, Decimate has yet again amazed his audience with his thrilling talent of riddim/dubstep sound design. Being his second EP release on Savage Society Records, Decimate torpedoes us into the troughs of the underworld with five pummeling tracks; prepare yourself.

Embedded within the Tentacles EP, Decimate fires off multiple ‘Tentacle’-like snare hits, and twisting drum curves. His first track, "Tentacles," puts you in the driver seat of a “Top Thrill Dragster” type of roller coaster, sending you into a dark riddim abyss. “Shadow Gift,” his second, keeps you gripped. Decimate decides to throw you around the ring with meddling bass craft skill and whirl-winding thwacks of beats. “Clank” gives the audience some fire to play with, combating the tentacles flying rampant. His use of supernatural synths that build into perfect smacking bass crunch defines the sound design of Decimate’s overall character when it comes to his production.

His third track, “Gully,” keeps the energy alive while providing a steady climb towards the light. Then out of nowhere, the tentacles swipe you back in for a booming ride. His final release on the EP, which is a VIP of his previous track “Kill,” swings you around for just a little more fun on this epic Riddim Ride.

To conclude, Decimate has clearly been crushing it with multiple releases of high-energy tracks and rowdy performances throughout his career. Decimate is not one to miss when he is in charge of any turntable within sight. His music portfolio has been gaining traction, and ears around the world should be tuned in for a wild ride.

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