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Dirt Monkey & Conrank at AURA

Written by: Kale White

Who’s ready for the wonky wubs to hit Tempe tonight? Dirt Monkey is going to be serving us all the weird wonks on a silver platter at Aura with support from Conrank, Vayn, and Hari Kari. Originally known as Patrick Megeath, this young artist who started out with the traditional sounds of Dubstep in Denver has quickly made his way to being one of electronics most recognizable name. Seeing him for the first time at Nocturnal Wonderland 2018 made me wanting more. Playing right before Space Jesus, he set the perfect tone and from then on he’s since climbed that wonky ladder.

Dirt Monkey has gained inspiration over the years from other artists such as; Griz, Liquid Stranger, Excision, and Anna Lunoe. He was the opening act for “The Origins Tour” with headliner Ganja White Night that nearly sold out at almost every stop. He has had successful releases and collaborations with other very well known artists in the dubstep genre like “Beef” with Boogie T., “Warp Drive” with Subtronics, and “Sofa Surfin” with Space Jesus.

Dirt Monkey has recently released his single “Particle Collider” featuring G-Space and Tsimba along with an album in 2018 called “Rise of the Octopeel”. Some songs from that you might want to give a listen are “The Beat” with Jantsen, “Booyaka” with Boogie T., and “Wubula Retrograde”. If you haven’t had the chance to buy your tickets then it is again, highly suggested you do so!

Hop on board! This Captain of the wubmarine is reporting for duty around midnight!

Doors open at 9pm!

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