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Disciple ‘Knights of the Round Table Vol. 5’ Unleashed

Article by: Austin Childers

Gather round, gather round: the annual meeting of the Disciple Knights has commenced. The Knights released their fifth volume of the Round Table compilation. Embedded within this arrangement are some of the biggest in the Disciple roster as well as some underground producers making their sound heard. The colossal album showcases explosive riddim and dubstep sound designs created by the Knights of the Round Table.

Disciple Round Table first introduced the Knights of the Round Table back in October of 2017. Disciple, a major label in the electronic game, has made their mark, but this was the first release to launch its impressive imprint for the EDM community. The first compilation opened the gates for riddim and dubstep producers all over the world. As time moved on and more volumes of the Round Table compilation have been released, it has spotlighted many underground producers on their way to explosive careers, and it does not plan on stopping this tradition any time soon.

Tracks like “Power Alliance” by Barely Alive & Graphyt; “Raver’s Anthem” by BAINBRIDGE; “Fool” by Codd Dubz, Chibs, and Bueg; and “Frequency” by LUMBERJVCK and Odd Language are the driving forces of the Disciple mainframe when it comes to face-melting bass chords. But when it comes to these newer artists, they pack a serious punch. The tunes created by some new faces like “Feel It” by Aimer; “skettee riddim” by loompaskettee; “Headflush” by Yoked; and “Laser Tag” by Frantik bring a high standard and diversity of new talent to compilation library.

With so many new vibrations, patterns, and tunes to listen to, the Knights of the Round Table never cease to amaze me with their compilations in the past – and this new track list for Volume 5 is superb. I suggest everyone, even if they are not into the heavy bass scene, to lend an ear to these tracks, as they are some of the most glorifying noises and unique sounds out now. Be sure to check out this compilation and the rest of Moon Lvnding’s music mixes on our social outlets.

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