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“Don't Be Afraid” — TYEGUYS and LLLLNNNN Are Ready To Take On 2023

Article by: Jessica Duncan

American Hard Dance producers TYEGUYS and LLLLNNNN are coming out the gate ready to take on 2023 with their latest track “Don’t Be Afraid,” out today on Yultron’s Hot Laundry Records.

2022 was an excellent year for American Hard Dance. Both TYEGUYS and LLLLNNNN played the Wasteland stage at EDC Las Vegas and have been opening shows for hardstyle legends like DJ Isaac. They each released songs with Yulton last year as well: “Hardstyle Bass” for TYEGUYS and “Pump It” for LLLLNNNN, which I reviewed for Moon Lvnding. Yultron has been championing the hard dance sound for years and is really helping to push the genre forward with the creation of Hot Laundry Records in May of 2022.


TYEGUYS and LLLLNNNN pull from multiple different genres to create their new track “Don’t Be Afraid.” The bassline that kicks it off and sets the tempo has psytrance influences but there are hardstyle screeches mixed in the background. The kick drum blends in with the bassline so much that is hard to distinguish, which is unusual for a hard dance track where kick drums are typically prominent.

Before the drop, there is a section with strings followed by a breakbeat drum pattern that is typically used in drum and bass. The drop brings back the bassline, vocal chops, and more traditional hardstyle elements. Even though multiple genres are combined to create one track, everything sounds cohesive. I think we will see a lot more of this from American Hard Dance producers in 2023 as they work to create their own sound and distinguish themselves from their European counterparts.


“‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is about facing your own fears and putting your feet down to march right towards it,” LLLLNNNN shared. “For artists in the Hard Dance scene, straying away from what’s popular can be a scary thing. But this song hopefully can inspire people to face the fears in their own hearts and just move forward towards it.”

“When Allan [LLLLNNNN] sent us the song as a promo we knew we wanted to jump on it. We wrapped it up pretty quickly, he is a really talented producer and we would love to work on more tunes in the future,” TYEGUYS said.

Stream “Don’t Be Afraid” and keep up with TYEGUYS and LLLLNNNN by clicking the links below. Be sure to give Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat Spotify playlist a follow to check out the rest of the hard dance tracks and other big singles that dropped today.

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