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Don’t Sweat the ‘Technique’ with MYTHM’s Latest EP Out Now on Artikal

Article by: Ryan Hood

As dubstep continues its meteoric rise in the post-Skrillex era, some producers are choosing to turn back the clock and tap into a more classic sound. Before there were Skrillex, Excision, Svdden Death, and Subtronics, there were Coki, Mala, Joker, Benga, Skream, Caspa, and Rusko; these producers became the faces of the classic dubstep sound, or what is now colloquially referred to as “140.”

Vancouver-based MYTHM is leading the 140 charge in North America. After starting the project in 2019, MYTHM used his time during quarantine to assemble an arsenal of lethal dubplates and unreleased collabs. He has since garnered attention from 140 legends like J:Kenzo and has released his latest EP on J:Kenzo’s label Artikal Music.

MYTHM starts the EP off hot with the eponymous lead track. Right away, MYTHM displays incredible sound design prowess, as the track begins with haunting ambient FX and deep, clean basses. After the drop, the bassline takes over as it dances around the beat. MYTHM utilizes numerous different bass synths and stabs, giving the track incredible depth. The vocal sample states “check out the technique,” which can be attributed to the incredible technical proficiency MYTHM displays. This track is going to sound even better on a proper sound system.

“Vex” takes an ominous turn. The background vocals and siren-like FX create an almost dystopian soundscape. The beat also has an increased sense of urgency, using more frequent percussive hits compared to the more spaced out beat in “Technique.”

“Run Up” is one of the more stripped-down tracks on this EP. The intro and bridge use very minimal background FX, and the drop is driven by a dominant bass synth reminiscent of melodies from dubstep’s past. Even in his more minimal tracks, MYTHM displays incredible technical proficiency, as all of his sounds are incredibly clean and expertly mixed.

Last and most certainly not least is “Watch Out.” This is my favorite track on the EP, as the basses in this tune are skillfully crafted and are sure to send any crowd into a fervor. This is the type of track where someone runs on stage and wheels it back. The bass and percussive hits are so perfectly intertwined, giving the track incredible groove and danceability.

MYTHM has also teased numerous collaborative projects and dozens of other unreleased tunes. His work ethic is unparalleled and the original Dons of dubstep have taken notice. He played a mix on J:Kenzo’s radio show in conjunction with this EP release, and just announced a show where he will be direct support for Seppa.

MYTHM’s aspirations are sky-high, and his potential is even greater. The Canadian dubstep producer will be playing his first shows in the U.S. since the pandemic this Fall, and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead for this incredibly talented individual.

Keep up with the latest from MYTHM using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify for all the latest and greatest music from across the electronic spectrum.


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