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Dr. Fresch admits himself back into old-school heavy G-House with “Armageddon”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Once again delivering the sound we have all been yearning for, Dr. Fresch dives headfirst back into G-house with an absolute masterpiece in “Armageddon.” This track is laced with the nostalgic heavy Dr. Fresch sound that hasn’t been heard in years. “Armageddon” follows up his previous release “The Answer” and is set to release on his own label House Call Records.

Dr. Fresch delivers that middle of the set club hit with “Armageddon,” a track deriving of high tempo 808’s, militant lyrics, and a fluidly heavy bassline. The song starts with a subtle pulsating bassline, and as the track develops the bassline is intersected by high tempo 808’s. When these two elements combine it’s only a short while until the belligerent lyrics are intertwined into the track, creating a seemingly hostile environment within the buildup.

The buildup is emphasized by the lyrics, bringing an assertive voice towards someone wanting to touch the mic first. This all leads into the drop, where all three of these elements are tweaked and amplified. The drop is where Dr. Fresch administers the shot of old-school g-house sound. The bassline is the element that is amplified most within the drop and delivers the nostalgic g-house bouncy feel. Transferring into the breakdown where all sounds the same except for the distorted bassline that adds a more aggressive sound going into the second and final drop of the track.

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