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Drvmmer Connects with Melodic "Melophile"

Article by: Sam Wolloch

“Melophile” is the newest melodic creation from Italian producer and multi-instrumentalist Drvmmer and released on streaming platforms via KUMO Collective October 21. Drvmmer got started in 2018 and is known for his ability to bridge genres from chill vibey melodies to heavy bass and dubstep.

“Melophile” ranges from future bass to melodic dubstep with its inventive synth work and intricate drop. The song begins with keys and drums, but it’s the glitchy melody in the drop and hook that build the single’s airy soundscape.

“I started ‘Melophile’ about one year ago. The main element of this song is the large amount of 8 bit sounds such as arps and leads, mixed with heavy and angry reese bass,” Drvmmer shared. “I hope to be able to ‘hipnotize’ and excite listeners in a positive way, just to let them feel how music can express colors and moods in a very intriguing way!”

There is something special about this song that gets in touch with the melophile in all of us. Use the links below to connect and listen to this talented Italian artist.

CONNECT with Drvmmer:


LISTEN to Drvmmer:

Spotify | Audius | SoundCloud

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