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DVRKO and Tyler Graves Drop Soul Piercing Track With "Don't Save Me"

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

Pressing rewind on a track that dropped last week but was too clean not to show some love too. Grammy award winning producer, DVRKO has teamed up with Tyler Graves on their new soul piercing track, “Don’t Save Me” in his first release of 2021.

This jam is what I am calling Future/Electro House blended with future bass, a tune that rocked me through Tyler’s stellar vocals and DVRKO’s rolling and hard hitting bass-lines. Tyler describes the lyrics being about a “fading relationship that turned toxic,” which fits perfectly into the mantra of DVRKO’s self described dark, shadowy aesthetic and brand.

When you really tune into the lyrics of this one, you can feel the message that Tyler is portraying when she talks about a fading relationship: “So I close my eyes and try to fall asleep, but every time at night you feel so outta reach, when you’re by my side By my side, Try to, feel you but you’re not there, Feel you but you’re not there.”

I love vocals in dance music productions, and I think you will love this track as much as I did. Fitting right into his mysterious branding DVRKO describes the track as “for those who don’t deserve to be saved from the massacre.” In what seems to be a general consensus on this comment, I really I have no idea what it means but I am digging the dark vibes. Be sure to stay connected with DVRKO and Tyler Graves below: CONNECT with DVRKO:

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