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EAZYBAKED Bare Their Souls On Dazzling Debut LP 'INTERTWINED'

Article by: Ryan Hood

Bass music standout EAZYBAKED has finally released its highly anticipated debut LP INTERTWINED. This record represents a new chapter for the duo, showcasing its outstanding production prowess while building upon the traditional EAZYBAKED sound. Distorted basslines and ambient background FX give each track incredible depth. Forget album of the year, this album has quickly become one of my all-time favorites, and it feels like EAZYBAKED’s most essential release in their discography so far.

The album art, created by longtime friend and collaborator Rukucustoms, represents EAZYBAKED’s musical journey as Eric Ray and Andrew Princepe became connected. The double helix is composed of symbols representing the artists’ friendship and their work as a collective, including a baseball bat, a joint, piano keys, a painter’s palette and more.

“Innertwine” is a gorgeous opener for the album. Airy background vocals persist through the entire song as a gorgeous bassline sets in. The track’s second bassline reaches far deeper than the first, showcasing the dichotomy of sound present in the rest of the album. “Sapped” with Of The Trees, the album’s final single, is a perfect blend of each producer’s sound. Diverse background FX and topline melodies dance around the subliminal-yet-powerful bassline.

“Letting Go,” the album’s first single, foreshadowed the release of a game-changing LP. The track’s bassline, a distorted acoustic guitar riff, evokes incredible nostalgia from listeners. The background vocals blend perfectly with the rest of the track. By the end, the beat switches to a four-on-the-floor pattern, reminiscent of a deep house track. “Letting Go” lets listeners know that EAZYBAKED is letting go of its previous heavy bass-centric beats for more emotional and melodic tracks.

Simulated” is a festival bass anthem for the ages. An infectious bassline coupled with punishing percussion makes for a track certain to be played on huge sound systems. While this album taps into a softer emotional state for many of its tracks, “Simulated” shows that EAZYBAKED is still in touch with its roots. “Isolation” contains a dazzling array of bass synths and stabs, shifting and changing as the mellow yet persistent beat carries on. The track has a very reflective feel, as listeners dive further into the soundscape as the track progresses.

“The East” is one of countless EAZYBAKED fans’ most anticipated tunes. Ray and Princepe have been teasing this collaboration with producer extraordinaire VCTRE for a while now, and it doesn’t just meet the hype – it exceeds it. “The East” begins with cinematic, airy background FX and old-school hip hop percussion. The track’s bassline melody takes over, consisting of expertly-crafted synthesis pulling from each producer’s influence.

“Capsule,” the album’s third single, is a 140 masterpiece, drawing strong influence from old-school dubstep with a dash of EAZYBAKED ingenuity. The track’s infectious energy will be sending dancefloors into a frenzy. “S.O.T.E.” is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. An alluring acoustic melody is combined with subdued background vocal harmonies as a gentle beat carries the listener along.

“Goon Mentality” captures the frenetic energy the EAZYBAKED project has been known for. The darting bassline and groovy halftime beat make for a fantastic addition to the album. Diverting from the energy in “Goon Mentality” is the album’s final track, “Distant Voices.” A perfect culmination for the LP, “Distant Voices” features a beautiful melody and background harmonics. The countless high-end FX give the track incredible depth as listeners get lost in the album’s five-minute long comedown.

INTERTWINED represents the start of a new era for the duo, combining the stellar synthesis and infectious energy we’ve come to know with a more emotional side to create a fresh EAZYBAKED sound. Ray and Princepe announced a tour alongside their debut LP, hitting stops such as Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival and Ganja & Buds in Chicago with Ganja White Night. These two are undoubtedly the future of bass music, and INTERTWINED sits at the crossroads of where they’ve been, and where they’re headed.

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