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EDCLV 2022: A Set for Each Stage

Article by: Grant Soffer

EDC Las Vegas is less than one week away! With one of the most impressive lineups to date, it can be hard to choose exactly what sets to go to, especially if one isn’t familiar with the whole lineup. Thankfully, we got it covered! Here are my top picks for sets to see at each of the stages this weekend.

Kinetic Field

Kinetic Field is the main stage at EDC Las Vegas and one of the most detailed and well-constructed stages ever assembled. It’s truly breathtaking seeing just how massive this stage is. It features some of the biggest names in EDM along with some of the most breathtaking shows in between sets as well. While I recommend seeing as many sets as possible here, if I can only pick one set, it would be this back-to-back.

AC Slater b2b Chris Lorenzo - Saturday, 4:15 am

Night Bass has grown in popularity over the last several years and there are very few artists as talented as Chris Lorenzo and AC Slater in this genre. AC Slater has pioneered the Night Bass movement and Chris Lorenzo has supported the movement by adding his own unique sounds. This b2b is going to be legendary — I highly recommend staying late Day 2 to see it.

Circuit Grounds

Perhaps one of the most visually appealing stages of all time, Circuit Grounds has some amazing design effects and the most LED displays at EDCLV. The 2022 Circuit Grounds lineup is the most talented and diverse of all nine stages and was the hardest for me to pick from. Considering that this stage provides such an experience on its own, I thought it'd be fitting to recommend one of the most electric and euphoric artists playing there.

Nora En Pure - Friday, 9 pm

Those that have seen a Nora En Pure set know that she is an enlightening and transformative act. Anyone who has listened to her music knows that her take on deep house is beautiful. And for those that have never heard of her: listen to her music and circle this set! I promise it will be great. The fact that she will be performing at the coolest stage makes it that much better.

Cosmic Meadow

The first stage one sees when they enter EDCLV from general admission, Cosmic Meadow offers some of the best photo-ops and features a wide variety of talent. This stage will host the opening ceremony, which honestly would be our recommendation of the set to see if not for this next artist.

Air2Earth - Saturday, 5:30 pm

Those that follow Porter Robinson closely will know who this is and are probably nodding in excessive agreement with my pick here. For those that don't know who this is, Air2Earth is Porter Robinson's new live-only DJ side project focused on sample-driven, tranquil progressive house and airy disco. Porter has played a few sets under this alias already and will be playing at several other festivals over the next few months. People will probably be tired after Day 1, but make sure to set an alarm to make it in time for this opening set Day 2.


Featuring more b2bs than any other stage, Basspod has the best bass music in the world this weekend. One thing noticeably different about this year's Basspod is how much more drum and bass is on the lineup. DnB is starting to gain more popularity in the United States and it's rare to see this much DnB on a lineup, so I highly recommend taking advantage of it.

Sub Focus & Wilkinson Present: Portals - Friday, 3:30 am

While there's a ton of awesome b2bs on this stage, Sub Focus b2b Wilkinson is my top pick. These English DJs have worked together in the past and recently released their latest album, Portals, which they will play for us at EDC. Those that have heard this album before are already circling this set as one to see. But for those that haven’t heard it, take some time to listen to it because it is one of the best drum and bass albums ever released.

Neon Garden

Neon Garden is my personal favorite stage as its enclosed setting and techno sounds provide the most surreal experience of any stage. While there are other festivals and stages that have tried to emulate this setting, there are very few that are able to provide the same experience. Once you step inside this stage, it’s hard to leave for another set. I would definitely make sure to stay for this one.

Deborah de Luca - Sunday, 4 am

Deborah de Luca will have the honor of playing the last set on the final day of EDCLV. Deborah de Luca plays minimal techno, featuring tons of techno remixes to popular songs. She is the perfect introduction to techno for anyone that is not a techno fan. Her sets are energetic, yet relaxing at the same time and will be the perfect way to end one’s EDC experience.

Bionic Jungle

The newest stage at EDC Las Vegas is Bionic Jungle. This mainly house stage will be located by downtown EDC and has some amazing talent. It was difficult to choose just one artist from this diverse lineup, but my recommendation would definitely be this next artist.

Lee Foss - Sunday, 3:30 am

This set is for people who love to dance. Lee Foss plays nothing but the best tech house and delivers both funky and chill tunes to dance to no matter how tired one may be. This is one of the last sets on the last day, so one might as well end their EDC experience with one of the best tech house artists in the scene at the moment.


Househeads, this is the stage to be at — it features nothing but house music all night long. While there's a ton of great talent all three days, don’t miss this next set.

Vintage Culture b2b James Hype - Sunday, 12 am

Vintage Culture and James Hype are two of the best house artists alive. While they both have their own unique music and performance styles, these two always deliver a great b2b set and I have no doubt that this set will be any different. There's a lot of set time conflicts for this time slot, but I believe this set is the best choice.


Hardstyle fans love this stage as it hosts some of the best hardstyle artists on the planet. This stage provides an experience unlike any other with the surrounding area adding to the energetic vibe. This stage is perfect for high energy headliners, because if at any point one needs a place to let out some of that adrenaline, this is the stage to go to and this is a great artist to hear.

Lady Faith - Saturday, 10 pm

While there are a lot of awesome artists playing at this stage, my recommendation is Lady Faith. She grew up in Iran and eventually made her way over to the U.S. She is the definition of the American Dream. She worked hard for everything that she has and was able to make a name for herself through her pure talent and high-energy. She is a one-of-a-kind hardstyle artist and is my top pick for Wasteland.

Quantum Valley

Quantum Valley is one of the smaller stages at EDC in comparison to the others, but this stage features some of the best trance artists in the world. No matter the style of trance, it’s probably featured at this stage. However, my pick isn’t your typical trance artist.

Pretty Pink - Friday, 8 pm

Pretty Pink is a German deep house artist that is one of the few women playing on the EDCLV lineup this year. For vibey sets, this is the set to see. Due to other set conflicts at this time slot, she probably won’t have the same crowd size that she normally attracts, but that is all the more reason why one should make their way to this set early on Day 1.

And there it is, all nine stages with nine can’t-miss sets hand-picked by yours truly. Pop onto the Moon Lvnding socials and let us know what you think of my picks and if there are any other sets you think should make this list. See you under the Electric Sky!

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