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Ekonovah Has Us “Floating” Through Waves of Tech House

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Continuing his rise to stardom in the tech-house genre, Ekonovah delivers a three-track EP full of sounds he has curated throughout last year’s quarantine. Ekonovah has been performing at Space Yacht parties across the world for years, and now that the two are collaborating on this EP, it just makes sense. In Floating, Ekonovah employs his voice for the vocals on these three tracks, something he has been trying to do more since the release of his track “The Beginning.” Floating encapsulates the mission Ekonovah has been trying to accomplish: influence and deliver the electronic music scene a distinct new sound, sometimes referred to as Eko-tech.

Kicking off the EP is the title track “Floating,” a melodic house song that leads off with delicate, breathy vocals and transitions to a chorus of pulsating beats. “Floating” epitomizes the transitional period Ekonovah had during quarantine, altering from creating heavy bass house tracks to more personal and melodic sounding tracks.

As we float into the second track “All Around Me,” Ekonovah guides us through an intro fueled by euphoric vocal cuts, bouncy soft synths, and an intersecting rising drum pattern, leading to a breakdown filled with reverbed vocal cuts entrapping the song's lyrics. This all pilots into a blend of bouncing synth bass tones and mesmerizing lyrics.

Completing the trio of tracks on Floating is “Not So Subtle.” This song brings in a familiar Ekonovah-esque sound and meshes it with a darker tone. Ekonovah succeeds with this by combining chilling synths and a mysterious whisper at the beginning of the track, and then lifting us into a bouncy bass and steady hi-hat infused drop.

Altogether, Floating is a must-listen EP as Ekonovah continues to display himself and his sound as an established entity within the house music genre. He is one to look out for on event and festival lineups coming soon. Be sure to give Ekonovah a follow on his social media and take a look at all of his other work with the links below!

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