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Ekonovah Returns to Insomniac’s IN/ROTATION with his three-track EP "Between The Lines"

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Continuing to carve out his niche in house music, Ekonovah delivers once again with his sophomore IN / ROTATION EP Between The Lines. Creating a unique sound that is easily recognizable has been a motive for Ekonovah since day one, Between The Lines undoubtedly encapsulates that vision. Ekonovah’s dedication to integrate his vocals into his music is also portrayed in full effect throughout the EP..

The first signs of the new EP came when Ekonovah teamed up with Qlank to release “See It Through” back in early March. A moody bass house track that has made its way around the house music scene, “See It Through” illustrates the perfect meshing between the two bassline specialists.

The title track “Between The Lines” dives a little deeper into Ekonovah’s strengths. This track exhibits the use of a haunting topline to accompany the interrogative vocals trying to see eye to eye with a waning love interest. “Between The Lines” has been a staple within almost every Ekonovah set for some time now, and will be for the forseeable future. “Starting to sing on my own tracks was something easier said than done,” Ekonovah claims. “Creating something with compelling songwriting that also belongs on a dancefloor often feels oxymoronic, but that challenge is also the fun of it. The title track, I think, does an amazing job at blending these two worlds.”

Perfectly placed between the two preceding songs is “Sycamore,” a track destined for the dancefloor. “Sycamore” was a standout ID within his sets ever since quarantine ended. Ekonovah states “I have a particularly fond memory of ‘Sycamore’ because it was the first track I played when live shows came back after COVID had interrupted music events.” This song embodies the straightforward party-aimed sound that Ekonovah originally built his name on.

Overall, Between The Lines displays the range of what Ekonovah can bring to the table. Whether it would be a laid-back moody house track or an energizing party hit, Ekonovah has you covered. Ekonovah is one to look out for on event and festival lineups coming soon. Be sure to give Ekonovah a follow on his social media and take a look at all of his other work with the links below!

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