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Ekonovah Strikes Gold with New EP “Epiphany”

Article by: Matt Garcia

Arizona’s own Stephen Scotti, the artist known as Ekonovah, released his new EP “Epiphany” on Gold Digger Records after dropping some singles earlier this year. The renowned DJ has been featured on Relentless Beats, Run The Trap, and other esteemed labels, while catching the attention of trend-setting icons like Steve Aoki and Porter Robinson as he rises in the ranks of dance music.

Scotti has been producing music since the age of 15 and began his musical training by learning to play the piano at the age of just two! The talent is strong with this one, honing his craft over the years, now able to use his experience to create this stellar EP.

The EP begins with the title track, “Epiphany.” The song sets the feel for the album, with escalating percussion and bass to create his club dance sound. The track slows with a synth filled transition into a drop of pure bass and percussion. Ekonovah layers in more effects and instrumentation to finish this club house single.

The second track is “Delusion,” featuring a vocal performance by Scotti’s girlfriend. The vocal samples loop throughout the track, as the percussion picks up. Late into the song, Ekonovah stabs in with synths to accompany the percussion and vocals to the close.

Intentional” is the third and final track on the EP. This track opens with a nice build up before a light drop into another dance beat. The final track contains a lighter feel to it than the others, but uses a touch of heavy bass as the focal point with a repeating drum loop. While all three tracks are similar in Scotti’s Eko-tech style, they all feature different sounds and forms.

The straight edge prodigy, Ekonovah, continues to make waves in the dance music scene. He has been riding high in 2020 with multiple releases so far, and has many more to come in the next few months, so be on the lookout for more Eko-tech music.

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