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Electric Polar Bears And Nash Overstreet Connect For “If That’s Alright”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Ever listen to a song that was so good, you put it on repeat for hours on end? We all have, and this newest release from the Electric Polar Bears might just be that next track. The Electric Polar Bears, also known as EPB by their fans, are known for producing feel-good dance music, and “If That’s Alright” continues on that path. EPB doesn’t mess around when it comes to a new release — they bring in talented vocalists to hop on tracks with them for added vibes and danceability.

Electric Polar Bears feature the singer Nash Overstreet on “If That’s Alright,” joining the list of skilled singers and artists to feature on their records. Other artists to feature with EPB include The Ready Set on “Too Good To Lose,” Paris Hilton on “Melting,” and tyDi on “You Never Know.” Each of the artists featured on their recent tracks delivers a catchy topline to go along with the Electric Polar Bears’ irresistibly danceable instrumental.

The Electric Polar Bears are an exciting duo to keep tabs on as they continue to make their mark within the music industry. With the addition of “If That’s Alright” to their repertoire, EPB are primed to turn heads and command attention. Check out this new track in our New Music Friday Playlist and connect with The Electric Polar Bears with the links below.

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