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EMBRZ Delivers a Skillful Mashup with “Sound 4 U x Be Mine”

Article by: Thomas Taylor

“Sound 4 U x Be Mine” is a subtle masterpiece that belies an understated mastery of craft. The mashup comes from Irish producer EMBRZ. He creates understated progressive house and tech house tracks with a minimal, clean production style that has infinite replay-ability and a high amount of sonic allure. The vocals on “Sound 4 U x Be Mine” come from the talented Amy Rose, who really takes this track to a higher level with her soaring voice, all while maintaining the standards set by the genre.

The song progresses through a drum and bass back beat, while simultaneously setting up a “pocket” in the music for Amy Rose to tell her story with a loving vocal performance.

The flourishes around the two minute mark are specifically pleasing, and integrate very well into the overall soundscape. One cannot help drift away into this song’s dancy summer vibes. EMBRZ does a great job of making a signature sound that resonates and paints a vibrant picture, while still being a fun carefree tune at the same time.

The fact this track is a mashup of two existing songs (“Sound 4 U” and “Be Mine”, respectively) makes the production even more impressive, as the beat wasn’t tailored for the vocals. That’s one of the impressive tools in this talented producer's arsenal, the ability to beat match to the lyrics.

Also, whoever is doing EMBRZ cover art absolutely nails it. The vibe is a sci-fi dystopia with a dash of mystical lands and geometry a la Saga, and it can’t be missed. Check in on EMBRZ for this most recent dance soundscape and follow along with him on social media to stay up to date with all the latest.


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