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ENRI Dazzles With Debut Single "I Just Know"

Story By: Sam Wolloch

ENRI, a talented musician and DJ, launches his first single “I Just Know” today and the electronic music community would be wise to take notice. Known for his skills as a melodic future house producer, the Arizona based artist is well prepared to take the next big step in his career.

Born Luis Enrique Mendez in the Dominican Republic, ENRI found his passion for making music at a young age, learning to play the piano when he was just four years old. He continued to study music composition and added more instruments to his repertoire, but it wasn’t until he got his hands on FL Studio, a digital audio workstation, that ENRI found his true calling as an electronic music producer. He worked alongside mentors from STMPD RCRDS, the Dutch label founded by Martin Garrix, and even spent some time in Amsterdam honing his proficiency as a producer and live DJ.

ENRI hit the ground running, earning a residency at Gentle Ben’s in Tucson, AZ, as well as playing direct support for well known artists like AC Slater, A-Trak, and Noizu. This past November, he grew his audience, winning over new fans with a well received set at the Dusk Music Festival.

A quick listen to ENRI’s remix of Post Malone’s “Saint-Tropez” provides insight to his style and gives a good account of what one can expect from his debut single, “I Just Know.” The song starts with a sweet melody and ENRI soon layers in a soothing vocal sample. Then the bass lines begin as the song builds in intensity until he finally unleashes the full vibrancy of the track. Halfway through he pulls back, giving listeners a nice pause to relax and reflect, before returning with purpose for the second part of the song.

“I Just Know” is a huge step forward for ENRI and just the beginning of great things to come. The producer is keen to join the esteemed Icon Collective next year and has big goals in the world of electronic dance music. “I want to make people happy with my music,” says ENRI. “I hope to continue developing my sound, so that one day I’m able to show the world the music I love.”

With his passion for musical instrumentation, the skills to produce in a digital workspace, and the charisma to hold down the decks on a festival stage, ENRI is poised to become another breakout success in the dance music scene.

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