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Equanimous Hits Gravitas Recordings with Debut Album Merging Elements

Article by: Matt Garcia

Multi-instrumentalist producer Equanimous combines elements of downtempo, bass, and melodic dance music to create a unique atmospheric soundscape. Equanimous mixes these elements with his own individualistic genius and fuses them in his debut full-length album Merging Elements, out now via Gravitas Recordings.

Equanimous opens this composition with “Arise,” featuring Skysia. Listeners are engulfed in a downtempo euphoria with heartwarming synthesizers and mellow percussion. Next up is an equally impressive track titled “Bumpin Bass Beatbox,” including the musician Nok Nok. The duo transfuses a genre fluid mix of classic hip-hop, funk, and overall good vibes.

Following this song is “Tahini Kiatsu,” featuring Auralponic. Delivering a chill percussion line blended with a soft piano melody, this tune is perfect for vibing out any day of the week. “Air Bender” featuring Ahee binds a smooth melody, intoxicating chants, and an electric drop, submerging the listener in the music.

In “Savior,”  Equanimous and Hohm deliver an almost religious experience. An unworldly resonance fuses with eerie elements in this track, culminating into a chorus filled with relaxing vibrations. ZANDRO offers his services on “Echoes,” a bass heavy track with synth accompaniment. As another relaxed vibe, this song includes a deep bass sense and heavy percussion strikes. The synth stabs come in to create an excellent downtempo bass track. “Head Up High,” featuring production by Oliwa and vocals by Ruby Chase, delivers the first full vocal track on this project. This number is an uplifting switch up within the album, with inspirational vocals underwritten by a carefree baseline.

Merging Elements’ penultimate track, “Dreamality” features Bliss Looper and Cyndy Fike. Evoking emotions of hope and inspiration, this melodic hymn is characterized by its rising vocals and lighthearted percussion. The ninth and final track on the album is the single and namesake, “Merging Elements.” This track, featuring Geometrae, does exactly what the name implies. Equanimous takes aspects from all the previously mentioned songs and brings them together in outstanding fashion. Containing samples of the hand percussion instruments, strong synth, and infectious vocal samples, the track proves the musical genius of all that is Equanimous. The song remains easy to groove to as the mixing elements combine perfectly on the final number of the immaculate album.

Equanimous enlisted quite a bit of help on this album and featured many genius artists. Each artist came together on this project to produce a great compilation. Whether you’re dancing around the room or sitting down vibing out, this album contains brilliant pieces for all to listen to. Stay up to date on Equanimous by checking out the links below so you don’t miss any more releases!

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