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Escape with Ekonovah for his Freshest Eko-Tech Release: "Be My Escape"

Written by: Sam Wolloch

The Arizona-based artist known as Ekonovah just released “Be my Escape,” his first original track since the summer and this song slaps!

With a bouncy back beat, a danceable down tempo groove, slippery synths, and velvety vocals, Ekonovah’s self-released song has all the elements to be a holiday hit. “ ‘Be My Escape’ is some of the most fun I’ve had writing in the studio,” Ekonovah effused, as he pioneers his signature Eko-tech sound. You can check out his library on Spotify and Soundcloud, or flip straight to these four fantastic flips of EDM fan favorites.

Ekonovah has prior releases with record labels like Do Not Duplicate, Confession, and Gold Digger, while receiving support from EDM artists like Porter Robinson, Laidback Luke, and Ekali; but this track marks a fresh start of sorts.

“I started to learn more about my style and the directions I want to take as an artist while borrowing from other genre influences, like tech house and trance,” shared Ekonovah. “I am super happy with the way it came together!” Me too - I couldn’t stop bopping to the beat as I pored over the preview.

2019 has been a big year for Ekonovah with appearances at EDC Las Vegas and Bonnaroo, and this year-end release poises the producer for an even bigger 2020 so be sure to follow along @Ekonovah on social media. Finally, if you are able to make it for Decadence AZ to ring in 2020, you won’t want to miss a memorable set at the Royal Circus stage on the 31st.

As always #MoonLandingFam, you can find me on social media @SamWolloch to keep up with EDM news and other nonsense.


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