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EUFØENI & Max Green Drop Summer-Tinged Single “Only On The Weekends”

Article by: Christian Langston

A music fan’s favorite part of summer is all the incredible music that gets released, and EUFØENI & Max Green are keeping this tradition alive with “Only On The Weekends.” Both artists are coming off hot new releases, joining forces to create a smooth electro-pop track perfect for the poolside.

“Only On The Weekends” opens with a vibey combination of vocal chops and laidback synths, setting the tone for the whole track. Max Green soon enters to deliver a pristine topline to lead into the chorus. He is accompanied by a children’s chorale singing the hook, offering the track a relaxed and lighthearted feeling.

As the listener continues through, EUFØENI & Max Green consistently deliver the same emotions. “Only On The Weekends” boasts something for everyone, from punchy drums to wobbling synths, jazz chords, or a catchy vocal. The track slowly melts out, leaving the listener wanting even more.

“Only On The Weekends” is an absolute gem from EUFØENI & Max Green. Their combination of styles fit perfectly together, allowing for a catchy tune certain to be a fan favorite. We’re sure that Sidekick Music will bring them back for more. You can listen to “Only On The Weekends,” and all their other music, using the links below!


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