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“Fall In” To This New Banger From alltalk

Article by: Michael Shauf

The Bay Area artist alltalk is an up-and-coming music producer to keep an ear out for, evidenced by his newest banger “Fall in,” out now on Sink or Swim.

When I first heard him play in San Diego, his set was full of energy and hard-hitting tech house, which made me intrigued. Then I heard another show from him that was the breakthrough, making me realize he wasn’t actually all talk, but in fact, a seriously talented producer and DJ.

The third time, though, is the charm. At Sunbar in Tempe, AZ, alltalk mixed like his hair was on fire. Prior to his set, he mentioned he was feeling it that night and was ready to go off — and did he ever! The only way to describe the energy is that it was hotter than Downtown Phoenix’s asphalt on a mid-summer’s day. His set was a total vibe and made the night a true house party from start to finish!

From L to R: alltalk, Dombresky, Noizu; Courtesy alltalk press kit

alltalk thrives off of the doubters, which is how he got his name. When he started producing everyone said: you’re all talk. With the motivation to prove the haters wong, alltalk has now played alongside some of the best DJs in the business — making a splash with his slapping tunes and getting his name out there. His newest single, “Fall In,” is just the latest step in his journey to prove that he isn’t just all talk.

alltalk’s new track starts out with a low-growling bassline accompanied by rhythmic, catchy vocals, leading into the hard-hitting drop with just the right hint of tropical percussion mixed in. As the song progresses, it evolves with tropical percussion creeping in to give the track some spice and color. The thick bassline continues with the vocals, as the tops phase back in. The third drop brings the track together when everything clears out for the vocals to shine bright before the party starts again.

For those starving for a good house track, this one should satiate your appetite. We’ll definitely be keeping this track in the rotation for the foreseeable future. Listen to alltalk’s banger on New Music Friday Heat or use the links below to enjoy “Fall in'' and connect with this emerging artist — you won’t be disappointed!

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