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False Color Pairs With AVKW To Produce Enchanting Soundscape “Eidolon”

Article By: Matt Garcia

With wave music on the rise in the electronic dance music community, False Color and AVKW are bound to break ground with their newest single “Eidolon” via The Nest Release series from Electric Hawk. The duo shows its production genius on this collaboration, with high hopes for the song's debut.

“Eidolon” contains elements from different styles of music throughout. The track features big room synths and sound effects mixed with a trap-inspired percussion line. The resulting soundscape created by this track allows listeners to be engulfed by the music and brought to complete bliss.

False Color shoots for the stars with this euphoric track, gaining hype for the drop through Electric Hawk’s The Nest Release series. The San Francisco based producer uses his music prowess combined with the skills of AVKW to create a beautifully arranged song to start the fall season off right.

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