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Farrah x Electric Hawk present the All-Stars Online Festival

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Farrah and Electric Hawk have teamed up to present the All-Stars Online Festival, a live streaming event Friday April 9, 6pm to 9:30pm PST on the Electric Hawk Twitch channel. For those unfamiliar, Farrah is a trap and melodic bass producer and DJ from Hong Kong, and definitely a talent worth knowing. Her song “Clairvoyance” was featured on the most recent Bassrush Prophecy compilation, and her skills have been lauded by electronic music tastemakers like Trap Nation, Brownies & Lemonade, and Run the Trap to name just a few.

I recently caught up with Farrah to ask some questions and learn more about how she envisioned and organized the All-Stars Online Festival.

Sam: Why did you choose Electric Hawk to host your All-Stars Online Festival?

Farrah: Ever since Electric Hawk and I crossed paths last September 2020 for Harmony Festival, they have been my family. One day, I was just thinking of what my dream line up would be if I were to ever play at a festival. Then I thought, I will tweet about this lineup out to the world and see what happens. People were loving and extremely receptive to the idea. After a few hours, I decided that I wanted to make this happen whilst online festivals are still relevant during this pandemic. I messaged Dariel, the founder of Electric Hawk, with my idea right away and he got back to me immediately saying that we should absolutely do it together.

Electric Hawk has been doing online festivals for a while and each time, I am blown away by their professionalism, the genuine team members behind their projects, and the community aspect of it.

S: What about the artistic vision for the event? How did you envision the concept of the All-Stars Online Festival?

F: The idea of All-Stars originated from the NBA All Stars, and I grew up watching the yearly event. I loved how it was about celebrating each player’s individuality and strengths rather than it being focused on the competition. Once things were set in motion, I just started to brainstorm what the aesthetic of our posters would be like.

I came up with the entire artistic vision since I decided on the All-Stars name. Luckily, I actually built a relationship with the graphic designer who goes by SeraDopa before knowing that he was working with Electric Hawk. I sent in a few reference points for the artwork and he just came back with the poster, which was absolutely perfect.

S: The lineup is packed full with very talented artists. How did you choose who to invite for the All-Stars Online Festival?

F: All of these women are artists that I truly believe in and above all else, they are my closest friends. Each of them has a unique relationship with me. Some I have known for years and others have become extremely close within just a matter of months. I am utterly obsessed with each of their music and their journeys as artists. I believe they are not only the future of where the music industry is headed, but also they have been working extremely hard even when nobody was watching.

S: Well now that the lineup is released, please tell us about your connections to the artists joining you on the All-Stars Online Festival?


Kilamanzego - Kila and I have been friends ever since the early stages of our music journey from around three years ago. Whenever we reminisce about the old times, I feel extremely grateful that we’ve been able to support each other consistently. Through the ups and downs, we’ve never stopped creating art and that has inspired me to keep going. Everything she represents as an artist and her music are innovative and refreshing, her sound is unmatched, and it never fails to put me in a calm state of mind.

Senza - She is one of the few online friends who I have met in real life, back in July 2019. When we met up, I felt at ease instantly by her presence as we’re both similar in terms of personality and our musical taste. It was as if I found a long lost friend, who is also on the rise to blow up with her perseverance! We met up at Audiotistic and that experience solidified my belief in wanting to perform in festivals. That mentality has inspired both of us to keep going. When we collaborated for our song “Temple” it felt natural and it was an absolute honor to blend both of our worlds together.

Pauline Herr - She has the sweetest and gentlest soul, and embodies the definition of versatility. She is also one of the funniest people I know. I remember when I first heard of Pauline during the Soundcloud era where I’d see her name pop up everywhere. I was, and still am, blown away every day by how she can touch into the mood of a song and instantly give it life in a way that would make you feel safe and relatable. I still have no idea how I’ve gotten so lucky to know her personally, she has become someone I hold closely to my heart and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Rossy - Where do I begin? Rossy is one of the most genuine, kind, and badass artists, all at once. We became acquainted from doing sets for multiple online festivals together from 2020. Back then, I definitely did not see it coming that she would become such an important part of my life now. I felt that I have finally found another woman artist who absolutely loves trap music at the same level as me after experiencing her sets. It felt magnetic that I absolutely needed to know her and honestly, I can’t believe that she has become such a consistent light to my daily life. I am constantly in awe of her music as it is unique and euphoric. She could touch any energy level and master it instantly. I cannot wait until we can do shows together in real life and take over the world.

Jinx - There is not a single doubt in my mind that Jinx has been killing it in the bass music scene over the past few years. Every time I see footage of her performing in shows, I can feel her energy through my screen. She has been consistently releasing through the biggest labels in bass music and I’m just in awe of her as her music continues to shock me to the core through her sounds. I cannot wait until we can kill it at festivals for years to come.

Poni - She is absolutely one of the most talented producers that I have encountered just recently this year. I remember when I heard her remix to “Barricade” by Reaper and my mind was instantly hooked. Every song of hers is just so addictive and I know that her uniqueness is going to continue to blow everyone away. As I have gotten to know her in the past few months, I am grateful to have crossed paths with such a talented, and gentle human being.

S: Well there you have it, some kind words about the All-Stars artists, straight from the mind that created the event. Farrah, thanks for joining us here at Moon Lvnding and answering a few questions. Make sure to tune into the Electric Hawk Twitch channel this Friday April 9 starting at 6pm PST to catch all the amazing talent on display during Farrah’s All-Stars Online Festival.

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