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Festival Preview: Umbrella Weekend 2023

Article by: Michael Shauf

The yearly oasis hidden away in the majestic landscape of the Jacumba, California desert will appear March 9th – 13th: Umbrella Weekend 2023 presented by The Afternoon Umbrella Friends. Four nights and three days of unlimited good vibes saturated with eclectic tunes dispersed across three unique stage experiences featuring some of the best up-and-coming artists across multiple genres.

What’s the vibe? RaeCola – the originators of “booty bass” – are twin sisters from Chicago who will surely have people grooving and booty shaking all night! Route 69, their new EP, will feature in their set; and fret not for those unable to make it to the desert, because they will be playing at Ultra Miami and Electric Forest later this year!

Want to get medieval? Burko, the medieval house genius, is one of the most diverse artists rising through the scene this year! In the last couple of months, he has dropped some notable hits such as “Letting Go” with SNBRN and Blue Jade, “Vertigo” with Autograf and Malou, and “This is Reality” and “Different” with Sian.

Credit: Harmony Skye

But is it going to get wonky? Absolutely! Chef Boyarbeatz will be in the kitchen cooking up some steaming hot beats. His hit dubstep tracks, “Steady Slurkin’,” “Peace,” and “Real Murder,” will have the crowd moving when he opens his can of bass!

And the party doesn't stop there! The Afternoon Umbrella Friends resident artists include: Sprout (co-founder), Kale (co-owner, lead of Umbrellavation), Barerra (co-owner, Beatport chart-topping producer), Castillo (co-owner, hyper house producer), and Trippypants (co-owner, lead stage designer) and many more!

Credit: Umbrella Festival

This festival is so much more than a party … it’s a community! The Umbrellivation wellness events include: yoga, breathwork, sound healing, relaxation, manifestation, and community building. There are also art galleries, installations, live painting, interactive art from socially based artists, and more! Festival goers at Umbrella Weekend do more than just stimulate their earbuds – they also celebrate their eyes, mind, and heart.

This makes the festival special – intimate-but-magical moments between the sets and the friendships created along the way. Whether it’s learning something new at an Umbrellavation workshop, enjoying the Renegade Stage, experiencing the new Camp Found It! stage, or wandering the maze of souls throughout the vendor village, festivals are all about connection and authenticity. Finally, if you plan on coming out, be sure to get there early for the not-so-secret pre-party curated by PG Squirt House.

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