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Fish Scale Drops G-House Sound “Pumped Up”

Article By: Thomas Taylor

Innovative producer Eric Thornburg, known as the music producer Fish Scale, is no stranger to filthy, G-House vibes. The Los Angeles-based producer made waves previously in 2020 with the flawless “Pop That,” and Fish Scale’s new track “Pumped Up,” available September 23 on Gold Digger Records, is no different.

The track begins demure, but quickly crescendos with vocal modulation chops, a staccato drumline, and a funky first drop that transitions beautifully into a pleasing dance club sound. The dirty bassline and sexy synths coalesce into some beautiful madness that make the song tough to classify in a single genre. Techno, G-House, and club-house all make their voices heard in this smooth sounding single.

I especially love the tiny details in the track. The alarm sounds sonically similar to Injury Reserve’s track “Jailbreak the Tesla” Ft. Anime in the best way, and along with the other phasers, lasers, and vocals, helps to build an innovative sound.

Fish Scale is a co-curator and founder of The Boat House, and was influenced early on by the likes of Bijou, Dr. Fresch, and Thee Cool Cats. Therefore it makes sense why the Icon Collective music production graduate is so capable in his ability to blend different genres of house music together for this new track “Pumped Up.” There’s something about the catchy production here that makes this track stand out.

House music lovers all over the world looking for something fresh will fall in love with this unique dance hall sound. Stream it below, and make sure to connect with Fish Scale for more information on their upcoming 2020 release schedule. And, be sure to join us in our Facebook group, Our Moon Lvnding, to discuss this and all things dance music!

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