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Fish Scale's New Single Keeps it Poppin'

Article by: Sam Wolloch

The Los Angeles-based house producer Fish Scale is back with his first release in 2020, "Pop That." In addition to making addictive dance hall house music, Fish Scale also founded and curates the house music collective The Boat House, which focuses on the world's best four to the floor tunes. Today, Fish Scale proudly self-releases "Pop That," as he grows his platform with the support of house music lovers all over the world.

Challenging the notion that one can't party in 2020, Fish Scale offers up this energetic single in an effort to bring back the party vibes. The tracks fires out of the blocks with a driving bassline, before it makes way to the vocal sample which grows in volume and intensity. A minute in and the song finally hits a crescendo, and Fish Scale comes thru with a G house drop that is sure to get the people moving. Using the song's central sample "Pop That," Fish Scale is able to masterfully mix up the voices and the beats to create a track worthy of heavy rotation at night clubs and beach bars alike.

"Pop That" is only the beginning of a big release schedule in store for Fish Scale fans, as he brings his engaging house music to the masses in the second half of 2020. Fish Scale also jumped on board with virtual live streaming, working with back in April, so there is a lot to like about the direction of his projects. One thing is for sure, if Fish Scale continues to put out G house heaters like "Pop That," his will be a name to climb the ranks of hearts and house music charts worldwide.

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