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Fisher Brings Out The Freaks

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Fisher, the tech-house superstar from down under, returned to Friday release day and came in hot with his new club anthem “Freaks.” It is the first of two tracks from his upcoming EP of the same name, Freaks, which has a full release scheduled for March 31st. Fisher has been captivating crowds around the world with his infectious sound, punctuated by his Grammy-nominated platinum hit “Losing It,” which dropped back in 2018.

“Freaks” takes its place as another beautiful addition to Fisher’s library of production. The true beauty of the song is how delicately he balances his style of hard house beats and synths with the goofy personality of his which we have come to love. If you’ve ever seen Fisher perform, you know the energy he uses to fuel his shows, and you can feel the energy he funneled into this track.

With all the cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new music releases are artistic commodities we can all look forward to during these unprecedented times. Fisher definitely delivered with “Freaks,” giving people a fresh new track to bounce to and hopefully boosting moods around the world.

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