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Float Away With Ethereal Sounds on Skysia and Equanimous’ New Collaborative EP

Article by: Kate Nelson

Aptly named Ocean, sea-like vibes radiate from each of the six tracks of this effervescent downtempo EP from Skysia and Equanimous. Created using live recordings, a menagerie of sounds form an otherworldly listening experience. Ocean is out on High Vibe Records on May 14th.

Beginning with the track “Compass,” stirring vocals effortlessly introduce Ocean, which then leads into second track “Drifting,” featuring a variety of diverse sounds, including beatboxing. Vocalist Alyson Amrita is featured on the third track, “Firefly,” and both Skysia and Equanimous show off their piano skills on “Lapis Waters.” The EP is tied together beautifully with the final two tracks “Lay Me Down” and “Eclipse,” leaving behind a sense of wholeness and a warm, contemplative mood.

Both Skysia and Equanimous are heavily talented in many genres: downtempo, house, bass, and more. Skysia’s first EP, Motion, came out on Jumpsuit records in 2019, and the creativity has clearly flowed forth ever since. A self taught pianist, Skysia (born Tanner Allen) is also a filmmaker and van-lifer, living in a mini school bus that even has a mobile studio.

Equanimous also wears many hats, playing multiple instruments in addition to producing electronic music. He’s played at festivals such as Northern Nights, and will be playing at One Love Fest in Dolan Springs, Arizona, from May 28-31. Equanimous will be playing alongside headliner Paul Oakenfold and many others including Mikey Lion and Desert Dwellers.

The creative effort put forth by both is no secret on this EP. Both Skysia and Equanimous bring a highly imaginative edge to the music game and have managed to perfectly curate vibes on Ocean. Be sure to watch for them both in the future as you won’t want to miss out!

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