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Floret Loret Blossoms on Third EP Prosper

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Fernando Loret de Mola, also known as Floret Loret in the dance music world, drops his third EP, Prosper, a four-track album out now on Bassrush Records. Based in Lakeland, Florida, the talented producer and DJ is coming off a strong showing with his sophomore EP Secluded Garden and a memorable performance from the now legendary pre-COVID shutdown 2020 Okeechobee Music Festival.

The EP is a celebration of well-crafted melodic dance music with a dark and mysterious feel, taking inspiration from the germination process of a plant. The first track “Nu Bloom” really sets the mood for the entire album and is representative of the new direction for Floret Loret’s vision. “Melted Lavender” begins brightly with a flourish, but the drop makes way to a glitchy bassline.

The third track “Afterbloom” builds on the first track and drives home the theme of the album, rich with left-field and experimental soundscapes. “All the textures, melodies, and bouncy basses really tied everything together,” commented Floret Loret. The final song, “Abscissions,” serves as a fitting conclusion, since abscission is the natural detachment of the dying matter of a plant at the end of its life cycle. This last track does feel a little darker than the rest, as the outstanding EP comes to a close.

All in all, Floret Loret crafts another successful EP, building on his plant and garden themed releases. Find “Melted Lavender” on Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat Spotify playlist along with dozens more fresh releases, and of course you can keep up with all the latest from Floret Loret using the links below.

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