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Friendzone and Parker Team Up to Read Your Mind with New Single!

By: Kate Nelson

It’s the first release of the year on Lost In Dreams for the Friendzone guys, coming together this time with Parker to drop another bass music banger, “Read Your Mind.” Featuring singer sad alex, lofty vocals carry the track through it’s build, leading to a classic future bass drop. The track keeps it fresh and exciting with a second heavier drop that will certainly satisfy headbangers everywhere. sad alex’s vocals intertwine with more quintessential dubstep sound as the song draws to an excellent close.

2021 was a breakout year for Friendzone. The Austin, TX, based duo had stellar appearances at Lost In Dreams Fest and EDC Las Vegas, playing at Corona Electric Beach. Quickly gaining attention for their high energy sets and upbeat performances, Friendzone is set to have another excellent year rising to the top. Their 2021 single “Glow In The Dark” received high praise from many artists, including Zedd.

Parker is also set to have a stand up 2022. “Read Your Mind” follows his first single of the year, “Never Cool Enough,” an upbeat track that will have listeners moving and grooving. His debut album, Gateway, shows off his ability to not be confined to a single genre; everything from Drum ‘n’ Bass to House to Trap Funk has a place on it.

Be sure to give “Read Your Mind” a listen on our New Music Friday Heat playlist, and keep up with Parker, Friendzone, and sad alex using the links below; as well as follow the Friendzone boys’ journey to find the 5th Loko.

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