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Gammer and Henry Fong Team Up to Drop New Collab “The Feeling”

Article by: Tanner Thompson

When looking for artists in the dance music scene who know how to push the boundaries of sound design, it’s hard to find anyone better than Gammer and Henry Fong.

Both artists have impressive resumes, with Gammer pioneering UK hardcore and Henry Fong incorporating reggae/dancehall into upbeat tunes. It isn’t surprising that their latest release, “The Feeling,” will go down as one of the best hard dance tracks of 2020. “The Feeling” is out now on Dim Mak records.

The song kicks off with bouncy chords that are surely inspired by house music, but with higher BPM. The locals start and repeat, “I’ve got the feeling,” setting the tone for a track filled with energy. The drop hits hard with sharp kicks and wavy synths before transitioning into a more traditional sounding hardcore chorus. “The Feeling” doesn’t slow down, quickly transitioning into a second drop that perfectly combines all of the previous sounds. If nothing else, this track is a straight adrenaline rush that will leave the listener craving more music from this monstrous duo.

Listen and connect to Gammer and Henry Fong using the links below, and be sure to follow the Moon Lvnding #NewMusicFriday playlist to keep up with dance music’s newest heat.

CONNECT with Gammer:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

LISTEN to Gammer:

Spotify | Apple Music | Beatport | SoundCloud | YouTube

CONNECT with Henry Fong:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

LISTEN to Henry Fong:

Spotify | Apple Music | Beatport | SoundCloud | YouTube

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