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Genre-Bending Producer MYRNE is Back for Sophomore EP

Article by: Thomas Taylor

This album is a fantastic second large-scale project from MYRNE who is a brilliant atmospheric aural creator. It makes sense why MYRNE is the first Singaporean DJ to sign with a major dance music label for a multi-record deal to Ultra Records as this album is on par with the best in the hybrid, low-fi dance music category.

The album is an exploration of multiple genres while staying true to its dance music chassis. The stand-out track “Splinter (with Salem ilese)” centers around a pop-punk duet and a kicking double-time bass drum, but really is a double-agent for Salem ilese and MYRNE’S unique approach to low-fi dance drops, while resoundingly delivering on both fronts.

You can really feel the emotion in the vocals on “Loving You Is Scary (feat. Cody Lovaas)” and the drums build in a beautiful pop-dance sound, but MYRNE’s obvious dance music roots blend the track into something utterly unique.

This album is rewarding from top to bottom. The tracks deliver something new upon each listen, and the production values are extremely high throughout. I’d recommend a deep headphone listen for this genre-bending EP. Connect with MYRNE below to hear more about what he is working on next.


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