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Gentle Ben's Gets Ghosted

Written By: Sarah Northam

Well I hope you’re not afraid of ghosts, Tucson… This Thursday Hi I’m Ghost takes over Gentle Ben’s at The University of Arizona, alongside a handful of talented local artists who most likely will be showing no mercy on the dubstep loving crowd.

The Riddim loving pair made up of Nathan Davis & Tiago Nunez out of Los Angeles, California, will be making their very first appearance at Gentle Ben’s this week. Producing groundbreaking remixes of pieces usually in the heavy bass genre, as well as creating intriguing originals, Hi I’m Ghost has made the heavier, darker side of dance music their main focus with unrelenting releases, each one unique and capturing the dynamic nature of the duo. Tucson is not ready.

I am personally really looking forward to seeing them for the first time. I’ve only heard great things about their sets, that is if calling their sets “disgusting, spooky, and nearly cruel to those in the crowd” is a good thing... In addition to the main acts, make sure to get their early to see some of the local talent tear up the place as well. Half Dead, Zuze, Wolfie, and Alex The Lad are all local artists I have seen plenty of times and know personally, and they truly never disappoint.

If you’re looking for some new music from the pair before you roll the show, some songs to keep an eye out for are “Spooky Riddim,” “NVR BE,” “Pray For Me,” and “Boi."

And in the wise words of Hi I’m Ghost; “This is some spooky riddim, let’s get wonky.”

Tickets can be purchased here:

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