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GG Magree Is Back with Rock-Inspired Anthem, “Loving You Kills Me”

Article by: Christian Langston

Coming on the heels of her EDC Las Vegas booking, GG Magree introduces her first single of the year with “Loving You Kills Me.” Her alt-electronic sound has become a fan favorite as of late, bringing support from some of the scene’s top artists. This release hits the mark once again, pointing towards more music coming very soon.

“Loving You Kills Me” leads with guitar and rock-influenced drums, setting the tone of the track right away. GG Magree enters with her trademark vocals to carry the song through. After introducing the familiar trap hi hats, and an energetic buildup, the listener is primed for an energetic drop.

The climax of the track features a heavy guitar line with powerful drums, releasing the power built up throughout the course of the song. The listener is treated with a second verse and a second drop that runs twice as long as the first.

“Loving You Kills Me” is poised to be a huge hit among fans and other artists. The excitement is building to see what GG Magree has coming next, as it surely will take her to even greater heights.

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