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Giiants Touches Down With Highly Anticipated Release “Waiting for You”

Article by: Matt Garcia

Los Angeles based music group Giiants, consisting of producers Cameron Maxwell, Adam Bailey, and Andrea Rullo touch the theme of post-breakup reflection with their new summer gem “Waiting for You,”  marking Giiants third release out now on Tipsy Records.  

“Waiting for You”  captures bright summer vibes with its energetic beat, soulful synthesizers and beautiful vocals that entangle to create this deep hearted composition that remains summer ready. Featuring the talented Gina Fontanella and Dan Henig, who’s vocals resonate with the lyrics that portray the feeling of what it’s like to look back on a past breakup. The track is destined for success riding off their recent releases “Believer,” and “As Long As I'm With You.”  

Giiants really showcased their strong music prowess and vast knowledge in “Waiting For You.” Their well crafted production skills paired with vocal performances from Dan Henig and Gina Fontanella make this a instant summer classic. Stay tuned and keep up with Giiants for more great releases coming soon.

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