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GLD Unleashes Long-Awaited EP It’s Not Just A Phase Mom

Article by: Matt Garcia

The DJ duo known as GLD has released to the world their new EP It’s Not Just a Phase Mom. The EP is the group's most recent release via Circus Records. The EP is a mix of different soundscapes that include two successful single releases earlier this year.

GLD opens the EP with the previously released single “Mad, Cause I’m Right,” the future bass story that hit the music world just a few weeks ago. This track is followed by “I Loved You (Now I Have Trust Issues)” featuring a performance from Grand Khai. Grand Khai gives a vocal performance to this bass led track. Full of synth and a strong percussion backing, this song is a strong follow up to the successful opener.

The third song is a feature titled “I’m Sick Of Your Shit” that offers a slight change of sound compared to the previous tracks. The lighthearted, upbeat sound of this number, combined with a vocal performance expressing being tired of another’s antics, serves as an easy track to move to. This track is swept into a drop that contains strictly percussion with light synth and a melodic deep bass grove. "I'm Sick Of Your Shit" leads straight into the first single released from the EP “I Fell In Love At EDC.” This upbeat number gained a lot of hype for the duo and the releases that came after. With this song, GLD mixes a great dance beat with a festival love story.

The last track to close the EP is a Pop-Punk inspired hit titled “Forever (In The Friendzone).” This track combines the duo’s knowledge and prowess of dance melodies with a Pop-Punk guitar and vocal performance that captures GLD’s Post-EDM sound. The track serves as proof the duo can blend genres together with flair and ease.

GLD releases this EP through Circus Records at the week’s end, gearing listeners up for a weekend full of great bass driven music. The genre bending duo has been pushing boundaries with their innovative soundscapes, and this EP is no exception. From start to end it brings forth the unique sound, signature melodies, knack for storytelling, and emotive lyrics of GLD.


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