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GRAVEDGR Warns "Run When You See Me” with an Energetic New Single

Article by: Tanner Thompson

It’s been a tough year for everyone since the pandemic started last March, and it is so encouraging to see signs of festivals returning soon. While we continue to patiently wait until we can all come together again, there is no need to wait for incredible music, as GRAVEDGR has dropped his latest track “Run When You See Me,” out now on Insomniac's Bassrush Records.

GRAVEDGR has become a household name in the hard dance music scene and started picking up tons of traction right as the pandemic hit. Although we’ve missed him greatly at festivals, the artist hasn’t slowed down his production and “Run When You See Me” is a prime example.

“Run When You See Me” sounds as dark as the title would presume. The track is full of energy with a fast tempo and sharp kicks. The first drop hits hard and would do damage at any festival stage. The song breaks and the beat changes to a more conventional sound, while still sporting those deep synths. “Run When You See Me” has all of the pure hardstyle sound, while still containing intricate creativity.

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