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“Gravity” by SLANDER, Subtronics, & JT Roach Will Wobble Hearts Everywhere

Article by: Rob Burnet

SLANDER, Subtronics, and JT Roach have turned Friday the 13th into the luckiest day of the year with the emotional banger “Gravity.” The head honchos of GUD VIBRATIONS and Cyclops Recordings showcase the dynamic range and intricate sound design that make these young labels so exciting.

The lyrics are powerful and thought provoking as JT Roach describes an overwhelming longing and irresistible love that cannot be extinguished. The spellbinding vocals of JT Roach, who co-wrote the lyrics with Dylan Matthew, perfectly accentuate the production, adding to Roach’s long list of SLANDER collaborations including classics like “Potions” and “Better Than Heaven.” This, combined with beautiful usage of violins throughout, create a euphoric harmony. The back end of the song has a build up that implores the listener to “come and get it” and then drops into a beautiful symphony one could only classify as orchestrap.

With a discography including hits like “Love Is Gone” (which also has an orchestral cover) and “First Time,” this melodic dubstep style is familiar territory for SLANDER, however the wonk and riddim master, Subtronics, rarely displays his soft side. Two weeks ago, Subtronics paired up with Sullivan King to release the gritty metal-dubstep banger called “Take Flight.” Today’s release, “Gravity,” is a complete 180 that brings fans back to Earth. The Philly-born producer nonetheless succeeds in stamping his aggressive, wobbly mark on every drop, which is bound to shake the subwoofers and make festival crowds turn their tears into bassfaces.

This track is guaranteed to make it into tons of festival sets this summer, namely Insomniac’s inaugural Lost in Dreams and SLANDER’s new Starbase Festival! Check out this heater and more fresh-pressed jams on Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist hand-picked for you each week.


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