GRiZ and Friends Announce At-Home Wellness Retreat Virtual Camp Kulabunga

Story by: Bre Olinger

As 2020 continues to cancel events and throw major curveballs at the live music scene, the self- love guru and ultimate spreader of good vibes, GRiZ, announces Camp Kulabunga will take place virtually this year.

GRiZ started Camp Kulabunga in 2018 as a four-day wellness retreat, creating the retreat as a sober, technology-free event. Camp Kulabunga is a place for personal exploration, self-empowerment, and community; a place to escape the real world and tap into yourself to experience love in its truest form.

Instead of cancelling the event, like so many others have been resigned to do, GRiZ decided to extend the love and bring the event right to our computer screens. Virtual Kulabunga will take place on August 29-30, and will focus on radical self-inclusion, self-empowerment, and wellness. The event will be conducted via Zoom, and will include immersive live streamed workshops.

The workshops will include guest speakers, including a creative writing class with GRiZ himself, guided meditations, and much more. The event will take place from 10am to 9pm daily, and to honor the origins of the retreat as a place to get away from technology, there will also be off-screen activities and downtime between meals and workshops. This way we aren’t glued to our screens all day!

Since Camp Kulabunga is being held virtually this year, it is much more accessible for anyone to attend, and like all years prior, it will be an unforgettable weekend for those that choose to participate. With so many of us truly feeling the weight of the world right now, GRiZ’s unwavering positivity and dedication to wellness via Camp Kulabunga could not have come at a better time.

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