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GRiZ Gets Down and Dirty With Bangers[6].Zip

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

LGBTQIA+ advocate, king of funk, master of wonky bass, and saxophone virtuoso GRiZ. Busts down with the sixth installment of his Bangers.Zip EP series, out now through Deadbeats Records. Having already seen the top of the charts with his previous five Bangers.Zip EPs, you can expect the same heart stopping energy with this legendary sixth installment. 

The EP kicks off with “No Doubt,” featuring the big bossman from BITE THIS, Jauz. This track dives into the classic sound of dubstep, spotlighting Jauz’s unique wobbly distorted bass tones and GRiZ’s catchy melodies. Together they come to make a truly special banger that can be enjoyed by fans across genres and generations.

Keeping to the same vibe with the next one up on the tracklist, “Juicy” features Deadbeats mainstay Blunts and Blondes. Teleporting listeners into a funky extraterrestrial soundscape, this powerhouse duo utilizes a variety of different styles and sounds to conjure this absolute face melting beast. 

Ending things off on a fiery note with this last gem “Brain Fuzz,” GRiZ squeezes every ounce of technological innovation and raw creativity into this glitchy masterpiece. GRiZ blends distorted arpeggiators and basslines with emphatic brass horns that make for a smash hit once again.

Listen to Bangers[6].Zip below, and let us know what you think!!


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