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GRiZ Gets Into The Marijuana Biz... Introducing New Brands Astro Hippie and Telescope

Article By: Trevor Di Carlo

This last year has been a wild ride for GRiZ, and man have we enjoyed surfing those waves! Following on the monstrous release of his 23-track album Rainbow Brain and upcoming appearances on the festival circuit, GRiZ surprises us all with an announcement today that none of us could've expected: GRiZ is in the marijuana business!

Yes you heard me, the marijuana business. Going to Twitter for this epic announcement, GRiZ made the public debut of his next hazy venture which includes not one, but two curated cannabis brands. Astro Hippie is the first branch of the company, which is a cannabis brand focused on THC, that you already know will be delivering those top-shelf, frosty buds. As of now, these curated GRiZ strains, which include G Funk, Tie-Dye Medusa, and Mr. B OG, will be available at select retailers in Michigan starting Friday, August 27! The list of retailers can be found HERE.

The second part of the company is the CBD-focused brand Telescope. For those that enjoy an non-psychoactive vibe, Telescope will be offering the most incredible CBD Hemp Flower, 10:1 CDB:THC gummies, and over-the-top tinctures made with high quality terpenes. All of the CBD-only products will be available online and can legally ship to all 50 states!

Stay tuned for more updates as we expect the roll out of Astro Hippie Cannabis products to other cannabis friendly states in the near future!

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