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GRiZ Guides a Journey Through the “Tie-Die Sky”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Taking us back to the golden age of dubstep, multi-instrumentalist producer GRiZ touches down with “Tie-Die Sky,” getting back to the roots of the old school while pushing the boundaries forward with his progressive style.

GRiZ has been having an explosive year, “Tie-Die Sky'" follows his collection of certified bangers, including "Astro Funk", "Bring Me Back" with Elohim, "Ease Your Mind" with Ganja White Night, and "Vibe Check." Each track has its own unique vibe with his signature touch, and “Tie-Die Sky'' is no different.

“Tid-Die Sky” is the perfect example of enhanced old school dubstep. The perfect mix between modern sound design, old school dubstep elements, and the iconic funkafied GRiZ touch. “Tie-Die Sky” goes crazy hard, employing that wobbly, poppy bass GRiZ fans adore. “Tie-Die Sky” is for sure going to pop off during this year's festival season.

“To me this track is like staring up at the sky and watching it explode into a kaleidoscope of colors.” - GRiZ

Continuing his monumental year, GRiZ has been fueling the hype for the future of his project with a multitude of announcements for his very own curated multi-day events. Another World and Space Camp sold out within hours. Another World is set to commence at Denver’s 1st Bank Center on October 29-31, and Space Camp is set to blast off at Virginia’s iconic Hampton Coliseum December 17-18. More recently announced is the GRiZMAS in July event, scheduled for July 30-31 at the Riverfront Park Amphitheater in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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