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GRiZ is Here to Help You Hear Colors In Your Mind With His New Album Rainbow Brain

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Bringing you the album that's going to sweep the EDM community off its feet, multi-instrumentalist mega-star producer GRiZ unveils his latest album Rainbow Brain. This 23-track masterpiece combines the latest bangers introduced to GRiZ’s impressive discography, along with a plethora of new music to encase this album.

GRiZ designed this transdimentional listening experience to be enjoyed from start to finish, as one track flows directly into another. The music guides your journey through the riveting wubs, soul mending funk, and psychedelic interludes.

c h r o m e s t h e s i a” starts off Rainbow Brain with a transformative melody developed to carry a message to set the vibe for this whole experience; “close your eyes and imagine… let’s start from the beginning… music is, in a way visible, you can hear the scent of color in your mind.” Those words bring a sense of peace and solidarity, those words represent the theme of how this album is supposed to be enjoyed, those words open you to embrace music in a way you’ve never thought possible. “c h r o m e s t h e s i a” invites you to think, while it blends seamlessly into the first banger of the album, “Astro Funk.”

“Astro Funk'' pushes the line of modern music production, and signifies an ever-evolving sound for GRiZ. He uses his multi-instrumental expertise to blend his iconic saxophone sound with some fire extraterrestrial synths to really make this planetary track that fits in wholesomely with the rest of the production within Rainbow Brain.

Pressing along to the next stop on this journey, it’s important we take a “Vibe Check.” This track emphasizes the importance of living in the moment and embracing positivity. The song leads off with an incredibly catchy saxophone melody and quickly builds into an explosive array of jazz infused bass that reminisces classic American dubstep. This is perfect for the album and leads perfectly into the next song up, “Burn Up The Floor.”

This collaboration is easily one of the top bass-heavy gems within the Rainbow Brain project, and GRiZ enlists none other than bass music heavyweight Jantsen to take this track to a whole different level. “Burn Up The Floor” combines the technical genius of both GRiZ and Jantsen and launches it into a one stop shop for all your rail-breaking needs, and serves to one ultra funk fix.

Coming up to the album's title track “Rainbow Brain,” which launched all but a few weeks ago. This track embodies that classic GRiZ sound, and encapsulates the “Show Love, Spread Love” way of life we have all come to embrace. Long-time collaborators ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier take this track by storm. Looping together a groovy horn section, slick vocals, and a mirage of bass-synths, the King of Funk truly conjured up some fire beats to help everyone hear the color in your mind.

Daily Routine” brings in a producer we’ve been dying to see alongside GRiZ once again, none other than Big Gigantic. “Daily Routine” is a groovy classical, hip-hop display of mythical proportions, forever raising the bar for GRiZ x Big G collabs. Featuring the vocals of Prob Cause, “Daily Routine” is perfect for anyone looking to “funk shit up on the daily.”

Other Side Of Jupiter,” “Infinite,” “Another World,” “Harmony,” and “The Echo Tree,” bring Rainbow Brain full circle. This music encompasses the psychedelic chill aspect of this listening experience. These mythical tunes bring an elevated CTGH vibe to offer a sense of serenity to balance out the heavy hitting side of the album.

GRiZ has constantly pushed the creative boundary within the electronic music community, and Rainbow Brain is some of his most unique work yet. To accompany the album, GRiZ made a full-length movie to give listeners a visual experience of his genre-defying work. We hope you guys enjoyed the album as much as we did, as is it really something special meant to be cherished with all the love in the world.


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