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GRiZ Radiates Positivity With New Mixtape "Chasing The Golden Hour Pt.3"

Article By: Thomas Taylor

Captivating crowds around the world with his impressive sound, multi-instrumentalist musician GRiZ lays down some fire funky vibes on this late summer evening with the third installment of his seamlessly groovy series Chasing The Golden Hour

Chasing The Golden Hour Pt.3 explores a more serene perspective of GRiZ’s production prowess that aims to guide listeners on the path to appreciate the lives they've been given. “Know Time Like the Present,” “Gettin High, Havin Fun,” “Where Will I Go”  and “Nights In Shibuya” embody rich melodic sounds that are busting with soothing saxophone and intricate synth work, effectively radiating the most infectious feeling of nostalgia. “Koh Samui,” and “Floating” bring the mixtape to a celestial level that carries listeners to another world with a hefty dose of  psychedelic bass elements and uplifting synthesizers 

GRiZ even found the perfect place for his birthday collab with ProbCause “Solo,” which is sure to be a breakout single in this mix.  His funky instrumentation proves to be uniquely trippy in parts while showcasing ProbCause’s attention stealing vocals. 

Every song on this mix transports you away from the humdrum of everyday life and guides you into a cinematic multiverse away from the physical reality.  Anyone could score a beautiful short film to this mixtape as long as it was psychedelic, featured love, summer-y vistas, and a lot of dancing--that’s just how accessible and open this mixtape sounds. When Griz does turn bass-heavy, and pushes the boundaries beyond happy, minimal psychedelia, it is a welcome change of pace that keeps the album fresh.

All the parts of this mix come together seamlessly,  while simultaneously crossing genres, blowing minds, and keeping the cool.

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