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GRiZ’s New Bangers[5].Zip is a Funky Fresh Ride Through Space

Story by: Trevor Di Carlo

The king of funk, master of wonky bass, and saxophone virtuoso GRiZ soars into #NewMusicFriday with Bangers[5].Zip, the fifth EP in his legendary Bangers series. Teasing fans with IDs throughout his live sets and live streams, the three new GRiZ singles are finally upon us. GRiZ is coming off an exceptional year that saw him take his revolutionary Ride Waves project on a worldwide tour, and he recently explored a new realm of bass music releasing the certified funky slapper “Could U” on AC Slater’s Night Bass label.

Along with producing jazzy jams for the masses, GRiZ radiates positivity by spreading his personal core values: standing for the unity of society; encouraging the importance of music education; and fighting for LGBTQ+ causes. Craving ever more of GRiZ’s fervorously marvelous vibes, his fans were curious about what’s next for the activist musician in 2020. Today their patience has been generously rewarded, because Bangers[5].Zip is finally ready to be enjoyed by friends and family around the world.

Firing the EP off with the stand-out song, “The Baddest,” the track encapsulates the wonky bass side of GRiZ’s diverse production. The energy packed bassline symbiotically intertwines with heavy distortion, asserting GRiZ’s authoritative sound. He ends with an extraterrestrial melodic beat to cool things off and develop anticipation for the rest of this earth shattering EP.

The EP ventures forward with “Me My Friends and I Pt.3,” the third iteration of a fan favorite track series. Its first appearance debuted on Good Will Prevail back in 2016, and the second popped up on Ride Waves last year featuring vocals from the one and only Snoop Dogg. The presence of powerhouse vocals from rapper and GRiZ Live Band member ProbCause is one of the only elements to survive the evolution process of all three parts.

“Me My Friends and I Pt.3” is an exquisite addition to the series as fellow GRiZ Live Band member, vocalist Chrishira Perrier, contributes her passionate sound alongside ProbCause to deliver a funky rhythmic vibe to bounce too. Delivering a track that transmits the importance of strong friendships, GRiZ touches on the aspect of human nature which craves more human connections and leads to growing your friend group.

On his final track, GRiZ takes us on a quick spin through outer space with “Spaceship Ride.” This wobbly synth-stabbing masterpiece features vocals from GRiZ himself, enriched with a dubstep saturated bassline and catchy rhythms sure to get you moving.

Bangers[5]. Zip demonstrates how much GRiZ’s production has developed over the years, embodying his signature funky style and staying true to his inclusive and virtuous personal morals. In these unprecedented times, this EP will be sure to put a smile on your face, a groove in your step, and some funk in your flow.

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