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Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

More than a year has gone by since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the roll out of the vaccines we’re starting to see a comeback in live entertainment. In light of improving safety conditions around the country, GRiZ announced his very own, brand new curated music festival SPACE CAMP. Set to take place December 17th & 18th at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton Virginia.

December 17th’s lineup includes multidimensional musician CloZee, bass music extraordinaire LSDream, South African dubstep producer Chee, and experimental psychedelic soul project Common Creation. Among December 18th’s acts are freeform dubstep artist Liquid Stranger, “Space Bass” songstress Lucii, prodigal breakout producer Moore Kismet, and forward-thinking bass producer Kumarion. With both nights headlined by two very unique sets by GRiZ himself, that's for sure set to contain some spicy unreleased music he's been sitting on during this lengthy quarantine.

“As a kid I always wanted to go to space camp. Hang with other kids and share in that sense of adventure and imagination. So we’re throwing our own. A place to gather, explore and play. A place to be weird, to celebrate life, a place to be yourself, a place to escape earth. We’re ready for takeoff. Welcome to Space Camp.” - GRiZ

With no surprise, it took all but 30 minutes for the tickets to sell out completely after the general sale that started at 11am ET today. For all those that managed to fight through the ticketmaster queue to secure their tickets we’ll see you there. And for those who sadly didn’t get a ticket, don't worry as GRiZ is set to announce more event in the near future.

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