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GRiZ & Wreckno Unleash a Powerhouse Remix Package For Their Queer Anthem “Medusa”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Sending this year's LGBT History Month off with a bang, Multi instrumentalist producer and social rights advocate GRiZ, teams up with producer/rapper Wreckno. To gather an impressive roster of remixers to create a remix package to their acclaimed queer anthem banger “Medusa.” Gioli & Assia, Super Future, NotLö, and J. Worra assists GRiZ on his mission to empower the underrepresented LGBTQIA+ voices in the community.  

Displaying his raw innovative style with the first remix in the mix, big boss GRiZ stomps on the gas with his “Hot Girls” VIP. GRiZ utilizes Chrishira’s infectious vocals to complement the redesigned high impact lyrics that mesh flawlessly with his classic sound design. Next up, Gioli & Assia bring on the chill vibes with their deep house rendition. Preserving the framework of the original song, the rising duo pop off with their electric style of groovy baselines and fitting instrumental melodies. 

Super Future takes down the tempo in his heavy-hitting version, diving listeners straight into the realm of ear busting bass. NotLö paves the way into a world of dark experimental beats. Drippy pulsating bass lead the way through a distorted soundscape, inspired by vocal cuts from the original “Medusa.” J. Worra brings her unique technical proficiency to the table, topping off the remix package with her energetic club rendition.

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